2021 Spring Workouts and Fall Signups for FYFCL Youth Football clubs

FYFCL AAU Youth Football & Cheer

FYFCL (AAU) Football & Cheer – Central Florida’s Premier Programs have started Spring workouts and Registrations for the Fall 2021 season for the information below: Central Florida Youth Football and Cheer (FYFCL) is pleased to announce our 2021 Spring Youth Football workouts & sign-ups. Our goal for these workouts is to get kids prepared for …

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2016 FYFCL Youth Football Schedule released

2016 FYFCL Schedule Released

The Florida Youth Football and Cheer League (FYFCL) has released it’s 2016 Youth Football Schedule. We are excited to present our weekly schedule for the 2016 season. With plenty of exciting match ups and rivalry games to get the season started. So this begs the question, which game are you looking forward to most? Click here to view the league schedule.

FYFCL Division Realignment Established for 2016 Season

FYFCL Youth Football Divisions Establshed

The New Youth Football Division Realignment by Florida Youth Football and Cheer League has occurred. The FYFCL board has voted for East and West divisions realignment, comprised of existing league teams. In addition to these changes, we are looking forward to an exciting 2016 youth football and cheerleading season. East division will consist of the following leagues: East Orlando …

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FYFCL Youth Cheerleading Championships

FYFCL Youth Cheerleading District Championship

Congrats to all cheer teams competing at the AAU – FYFCL Youth Cheerleading Championship Competition on Sunday, November 15. This season we have some remarkable cheer athletes from all over Central Florida. We look forward to having you there and cheer on! The Youth Cheerleading Championships will be hosted by FYFCL at University High School. Address: 11501 Eastwood Drive, Orlando, FL 32817 Click for map …

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2015 AAU Youth Football District Championship

FYFCL Youth Football District Championship

Congrats to the teams that have made it to AAU Championship Saturday of the FYFCL Youth Football District Championship Games – Apopka Raptors, Central Florida Hawks, East Orlando Junior Predators, and West Orange Bobcats. Games this weekend will be hosted by FYFCL at West Orange High School. Address: 1625 S. Beulah Road, Winter Garden FL 34787. Click for map …

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Youth Cheerleading – The Happy Sport

FYFCL Youth Cheerleading in Orlando

Youth cheerleading is a sport that many do not consider when thinking of youth sports. Cheerleading has been around for as long as sports have been played and teams needed motivation. Youth cheerleading is an introduction to a great sport that provides many benefits to young girls. These benefits range from building a healthy lifestyle …

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Thoughts to Start the 2015 Youth Football Season

Image of FYFCL Youth Football Player

Tradition, friends, family and youth football. For more years than anyone can count families have passed game day traditions from generation to generation. Friends have taken part in the bantering of fun rivalries. Team colors have flown to show pride and commitment. In large arenas, the Miami Dolphins have battled the Jacksonville Jaguars. In college towns, …

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Florida Youth Football & Cheer League—”We Are Youth Football”.

Where we you play youth sports this fall? The Florida Youth Football and Cheer League (FYFCL) is the Premier AAU Youth Football and Youth Cheerleading League in Florida. Recognized as one of America’s top youth football leagues by the NFL and USA Football. With 15 AAU clubs throughout the Central Florida area you can be …

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