AAU Coaching Requirements


Coaches must be certified in order to be on the sidelines. If they are not certified and are seen on the sideline coaching during the game it is possible the game will be forfeited regardless of the outcome. There are 2 certifications required for each coach. Each Team Book should have a copy of the USA Heads Up Certificate indicating completion of the required online course.

There are 2 documents to be used for proof of completion of the FYFCL Coaches Clinic. Please put the name on the certificate, print it out and put in the team book with the USA Heads Up certificate. It should only contain coaches that are listed on the attached sign-in sheet.

If any coach did not attend a clinic they need to take 2 online courses.

One is called Sportsmanship and can be found here.

The second one is called Heat Illness Prevention and can be found here.

Once complete please print out the completion certificates and put in the book for each coach.

We strongly suggest if a coach has not completed his online certification/s that he/she would be restricted from coaching until the course has been completed. There should be no charge for these courses.

2019 FYFCL Coaches Meeting Presentation