FYFCL Youth Football Playoff Format

Due to the hurricane… ALL Week 1 games have been eliminated in their entirety and will not be made up.

We will move from a 6-team playoff format to an 8-team playoff format for Playoff week 1 on 11/16.

Top Bracket
1 vs 8
4 vs 5

Bottom Bracket
2 vs 7
3 vs 6

Winner of Top Bracket Round 1 play in Top Bracket of Round 2. (no re-seeding)
Winner of the Bottom Bracket of Round 1 play for the Bottom Bracket of Round 2(no re-seeding).

Super Bowl is Top Bracket Winner vs Bottom Bracket Winner
Because we added 2 teams to the playoffs, we will not allow any arguments about ranking and “what if’s” related to week 1
Regular season 1 and 2 will automatically qualify for Nationals

All teams that advance from Playoff Round 1 to the Playoff Round 2 will qualify for Nationals

Playoff seeding will occur based on the final record (excluding any of the added / fill in games for 14U)

Tiebreakers are calculated as follows (moving down in order and not coming back up):

  • Head to Head record of the teams in the tie
  • Points allowed in the Head to Head
  • Points allowed in games vs common opponents
  • Coin Flip