FYFCL Club Membership

IS your club interested in joining the FYFCL?

FYFCL AAU Youth Football & Cheer

Here is the process to Join FYFCL:

Step 1 – Form a Club and Join AAU…See attached handbook.  You can register for a level 1, 2 or 3 club… level 3 gives you 501c3 benefits if you are not already a 501c3. Click here to learn more.

Your club will need governing Board and a club bank account.  You will need funds to cover uniforms, equipment and other items necessary for a football season.  Typical club expenses range from $20,000 – $80,000+ per year for the various clubs in our league.  Also, you will need a practice location and a High School field for your game days.  In addition, FYFCL has a strong cheer program and a strong cheer program helps to build a quality club.  Our Executive Board can help guide you through this process. 

Step 2 Apply to FYFCL

To be part of FYFCL (www.fyfcl.com), your club must have a board, a group of coaches, and be able to fill teams at 5 levels (6U flag, 8U tackle, 10U tackle, 12U tackle, and 14U tackle) – FOOTBALL AND CHEER.  FYFCL dues include the cost of our videographer, ref management, super-bowl, and website.  Our Video is a distinguishing component of the FYFCL league. We video all games ages 8U – 14U.  Complete the attached New Club Application, email it to [email protected], and send a $250 application fee to Sarah below.  FYFCL will review, then we will schedule a meeting with you and your board to review the application and vote on your membership.

Mail application fee to:
C/O Sarah Boudreaux
732 Belle Terre Court, Winter Garden, FL 34787