The 2019 FYFCL Playoffs are here

Huge congratulations to all parents, players, coaches, and volunteers for every FYFCL team. Because of your dedication, we had another amazingly successful youth football and cheerleading season!

Are You Ready For Some Playoff Football?!

As discussed, all divisions will have the top 1-8 teams in the playoffs, single elimination.  The first round of the playoffs will be hosted by the East Orlando Preds and the East Orange Thunder.  There will be 3 fields at Faith Christian Academy and one field at University High School. Below is the schedule for the playoff games.

Field 1 at FCA
9:00 AM6U#2 Preds vs #7 Sharks
10:00 AM10U#3 Preds vs #6 Raptors
11:30 AM12U#3 Preds vs #6 Hatters
1:00 PM14U#2 Sharks vs #7 Bombers
2:00 PM14U#3 Falcons vs #6 Hatters

Field 2 at FCA
9:00 AM6U#1 Bobcats vs #8 Dolphins
10:00 AM10U#4 Bobcats vs #5 Falcons
11:30 AM12U#1 Bobcats vs #8 Bombers
1:00 PM12U#2 Sharks vs #7 FSU
2:00 PM14U#4 FSU vs #5 Bobcats

Field 3 at FCA
9:00 AM6U#3 FSU vs #6 Falcons
10:00 AM8U#3 Preds vs #6 Sharks
11:30 AM8U#2 Raptors vs #7 Hatters
1:00 PM8U#1 Bobcats vs #8 Tigers
2:00 PM10u#2 Sharks vs #7 Hatters

Field 4 at University
9:00 AM6U#4 Raptors vs #5 Thunder
10:00 AM8U#4 FSU vs #5 Thunder
11:30 AM10U#1 FSU vs #8 Thunder
1:00 PM12U#4 Thunder vs #5 Raptors

Cheer Representing

At halftime of the respective playoff game(s), the CHEER squads from the participating playoff teams will perform their competition routines on each field.

Event Details

Location: Faith Christian Academy
Event Date: Saturday, November 16
Event Time: 7:30AM to 4:00pm
Wrist band / Admission Prices: $5 Adults, $4 Children ages 5 – 15
Coaches (max of 8) and children age 4 and under are free
Cash or credit will be taken for admission
All attendees must wear a wrist band at all times. We will have volunteers checking wrist bands at the fields to ensure everybody at the fields is approved FYFCL concession stand / food trucks will be open all day taking cash or credit card. Full menu below.

General Information:
Gates open at 7:30 AM
There are 3 ENTRANCES into Faith Christian Academy that will access the events. Both locations will have a gate that sells wrist bands. The wrist bands may be used to enter both field locations
Credit card will be taken at the gate, but expect slower processing through the gate

Please see the attached event map for Parking Details. We will have handicap parking available. Depending on lot capacity, please arrive early so you have extra time to walk to your field location.

Spectator Seating and Additional Information:
ALL SPECTATORS MUST SIT BEHIND THE BLACK marked lines. These SPECTATOR LINES will be clearly marked around each field.
Only coaches and players are permitted in areas marked. Anybody without AAU cards and proper certification may not be in those areas at all.
You may bring your own chairs, tents and cheering spirits to the sidelines!

We are asking families to please move their chairs and tents back AFTER their athletes game concludes. We ask all spectators to respect FYFCL families playing after them and make room so that the fans of the next game can move to the front of the viewing area. If there are any issues in the fields, please find a coach who will be monitoring the spectator seating.
Tents are not allowed in the stands. Umbrellas only.
Tents can be placed around the fields BEHIND the marked lines.
A medical tent will be available for the entire event sponsored by Orlando Orthopaedic and SST Rehab.
You may also want to bring sunscreen and bug spray.

Food and Beverage:
There will be two (2) main concession stands and two (2) Icy Knights Stands at the event. We will have a WIDE variety of FOOD at GREAT prices:
Cheeseburgers – $3
Hamburgers – $3
Hot Dogs – $2
Uncrustables PBJ – $2
Fruit – $1
Muffins – $1
Chips – $1
Candy – $1
Soda – $1
Water – $1
Gatorade – $2
There will also be a special BBQ Food Truck offering BBQ ribs and BBQ chicken at the ALL fields
Other than ice and water for teams, NO FOOD or beverages will be allowed into the event

Please note some of the Start Times have been shifted and the schedule is subject to change by FYFCL (if needed). 

Map to Faith Christian Academy:

Map to University High School: